What poker games are the most popular?

All types of poker can be divided into several categories that differ in rules. Their main differences are in the principles of building the game process, the features of making combinations, and trading. Types of games are primarily differed by limits:

  • Limited poker. There is a strict bet limit.;
  • Pot-limited. Its special feature is the constant review of the max bet on each round of trading;
  • Unlimited poker games. There are no restrictions on the size of bets, except for the volume of the stack. Buying chips during the dealing process or tournament is prohibited.;

Now let’s have a look at the poker games types and then talk about games with the highest winning probabilities.;

Best poker games types

All types of games are not so different because one set of cards and key combinations are used everywhere. Wherein, the specific poker rules and conditions for the game vary and sometimes significantly.

Let’s consider the main types of games of poker in descending order of popularity in the world:

  1. Texas Holdem poker. This type is the most widespread card game in the world, having its own varieties and rules of poker. The universality of the rules and a wide range of opportunities for players make Texas Holdem so popular;
  2. Omaha. In Omaha, each player can use exactly three of their common cards and exactly two of their pocket cards to collect the best poker hand of five cards.
  3. Stud. In this type of poker, all players receive 7 cards in their hands, but the combination consists of the best 5 cards.
  4. Draw. Your goal is to collect the best combination of five cards after one exchange.
  5. Caribbean poker. Traditional 5 card poker with an exchange against the casino. 
  6. Chinese poker. It offers players to make a combination of 13 cards dealt to their hands. Exchanges are not provided.
  7. And others.;

Below we will talk about the winning probabilities in some of the listed types of poker.

Poker games with the highest winning probabilities

If we talk about the chances of winning, they will be very different and depend on many factors. For example, in Texas Holdem your probability of winning will completely depend on your hand and number of players, while the house edge will start from 0.5%. In 3-Card Poker, winning probability is approximately equal to 16.9%, with the casino advantage up to 7.3%. In Caribbean Stud poker, in turn, the probability is around 16% with house edge 5%.

We need to mention that becoming a professional in online poker is not limited to studying only one type of game.

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