Texas Holdem Poker: Simple Gameplay Explanation and Reliable Poker Sites for New Players

Commonly referred to as simply “Hold`em”, the Texas Hold`em variety of poker has the colossal popularity at both land-based gambling venues and in online poker rooms. Read below to get acquainted with the essential rules of Texas Holdem poker and the most common mistakes of newcomer players. Find out about the best sites to play Texas Holdem for real money or just for entertainment.

Texas Holdem Poker – Rules And Pointers For Beginners

All poker varieties, including Texas Holdem, envisage a highly specific order of dealing cards to the player. At the beginning of the session, two players post forced bets called blinds.

  1. Hole cards (pre-flop) – the first round of dealing the cards delivers 2 cards face-down to every player. After having a look at their cards, the player can “call” (bet the sum of the big blind), “raise” the bets, or “fold” (quit the game).
  2. Flop – the dealer places three community cards face-up in the center of the poker table. Having a total of five cards, every player can assess their winning potential. The flop is followed by a round of betting.
  3. Turn – the dealer delivers one more community card on the table. Since Texas Holdem uses 5-card hands, now every player has an extra card at their disposal.
  4. River – the dealer puts forward the last community card. Every player now has their best 5-card hand composed of any number of hole and community cards. The last round of betting takes place.
  5. Showdown – the players show their hands, typically starting from the one who was the first to bet after the river.

After the Texas Holdem poker showdown is complete, the Texas Holdem rules envisage determining the winner based on the standard rankings of 5-card hands.

5 Don’ts Of Texas Holdem Poker For Newbies

It’s common for new players of Texas Holdem to make several typical mistakes that are rather costly in real-money poker.

  1. Don’t ignore position. Late position allows you to observe the actions of your opponents and react appropriately.
  2. Don’t ignore the number of opponents. The more people are yet to act, the lower is the value of your hand.
  3. Don’t be excessively aggressive. If it looks like an opponent has got a strong hand, betting big is a costly idea.
  4. Don’t be easy to read. New players tend to give a lot of tells about their hand. Learn to contain emotions.
  5. Don’t play with “scared money”. Play within your budget and be prepared to lose what you bet.

Learning to avoid these common errors will save you a lot of frustration and money on your way to becoming a champion of poker.

Where To Play Poker Texas Holdem Online

Some of the most trusted and reliable poker sites with Texas Holdem games are:

  • PokerStars – the greatest online poker hub that offers a comprehensive online poker experience. Play for fun or real money, participate in live events and tournaments in different formats. Thanks to the enormous player base, you’ll find many players of any level of skills.
  • 888Poker – the second-largest poker website with a spotless reputation. Offers well-organized multi-table tournaments and the best no-deposit bonuses. You can play Texas Holdem poker as free online games (no downloads) or use the site’s exceptionally convenient client app.
  • Party Poker – one of the longest-standing names in the industry of online poker. The site boasts of an exceptional cashback system and gets decent traffic of both cash and play-money players. The Party Poker tables offer all possible formats of the game, including the fast-fold one.

Finding fellow gambling enthusiasts and joining poker games is fast and easy at these websites. Moreover, thanks to their play-money options, you can practice Texas Holdem and other poker games for free.

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